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Shamelessly Promote Your Books  –  Bringing Writers, Bloggers, Artists, Fans and Readers Together.

About Us

Most writers I know just want to write. Promoting their books and websites cause them real anxiety.

I write, but I also enjoy building social media accounts and creating websites. So, promoting Writers and Bloggers is the quintessential ‘doing what I love’ job.

So much has changed in the last decade. Simply getting published and buying a few ads is no longer a viable marketing scheme, if it ever was. Writers themselves must be the driving force behind the success of their book or blog.

This website is designed to benefit the writing community by providing writers and artists more exposure to create a more interactive fan base. Whether that be through taking advantage of our paid services or learning how to do it themselves by reading our blog.

There are a lot of websites out there like this one.  The pricing here is simple. A one-time fee for a profile page and a small one-time fee for any book or blog page. These pages will be permanent. They will be promoted and shared on our social media. Each author, blogger and artist will be asked to give a written interview. Your presence will grow with the site.


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